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a close up of a piece of cloth on a table with a needle and thread
four different patterns in the same color scheme
Барджелло -итальянская вышивка на сетке
blue and white chevroned fabric with an intricate design on it's side
Needlepoint kits. Caroline Mathilde Needlepoint
an intricately designed artwork hangs on the wall above a blue framed art piece in a dark blue frame
a cross stitch pattern with different colored squares
Sisters by Nancy Cucci Pilot Class - Updated 9/15/18
the cross stitch pattern is shown in red, white and blue
many different types of quilts and patterns on the same page, each with different colors
a blue and white pattern with triangles on the bottom, in different directions to make it look
The magic of the Internet
an image of a quilt pattern with numbers in the center and two rows on each side