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pink flowers are hanging on the wall in front of a white wall with polka dots
a painting with pink butterflies in the shape of a heart on a white wall above it
ombre art. Use a paper cutter to cut out shapes in paint chips to get the different shades
a stack of different colored papers stacked on top of each other
DIY Paper Letters
the steps to make a diy table with wood and metal trimmings on it
DIY Dressing Room Mirror
Now that's pretty: DIY Dressing Room Mirror
a wall that has pictures on it with babys and dogs hanging from the side
25 Easy DIY Projects for the Home!
DIY Canvas Photographs. Really easy to follow step-by-step for transferring them the RIGHT way. Good pin!
an art piece with many different designs on it's side, including letters and numbers
Small Painting Gallery Wall- Paint It Monday
Small paintings gallery wall idea for home. Everyone paints a small canvas. The Creativity Exchange
a child's bedroom with blue walls, pink and green bedding and rugs
Room Decorating Before and After Makeovers
Hmmm, another aqua room. Monogrammed toy box, chandelier, great big S, even the roller shade is all fixed up! So cute!