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many colorful pots with plants in them on a table next to potted cacti
Reutilizando neumáticos con arte y color por Alejandra Fella
Macetitas de latas reutilizadas con apliques neumáticos + arte Misceláneas Arte Utilitario
a woman in a black and white photo with the caption dance desde y para siempree
frases danza contemporanea - Google Search
a certificate with the words caras written in spanish
"Quizás no es amor lo que me hace buscarte..." - Gustavo Cerati
the words are written in white on a teal blue background with an image of a guitar
#GustavoCerati #Cerati #Karaoke
a drawing of a girl with flowers in her hair and the words descu bre te y refela tu luiz
Lámina Descubre(te)" - Muxote Potolo Bat Tienda Online
Lámina "Descubre(te)"
an old man wearing a hat and tie with a quote from albert schweizer
La felicidad
a dress made out of rolled up paper
20 espectaculares vestidos hechos con libros
20 espectaculares vestidos hechos con libros.
the words are written in pink and white on a yellow background with flowers inside it
Todo es mejor con la música de Shakira #Shakira #AntesDeLasSeis #Frases #De #Canciones
a woman with long blonde hair holding a cell phone
Al amor le faltan líderes, y a los líderes les falta amor. – Shakira
the words are written in spanish on top of a road at dusk with traffic lights
a woman walking down a dirt road next to a lush green field with trees in the background
a sunset with the words shakira written in english and spanish on it's side
Mucho antes de las seis
a woman with long blonde hair wearing bracelets
?¿Cómo Escribir Letras de Canciones? ? ¡Es hora de ponerle tu voz!
shakira ☺. ☺#canciones #frases letras de canciones
graffiti written on the side of a wall with words in spanish and english, all over it
Subjunctive: From Shakira