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a woman is touching the trunk of an elephant
the lighthouse is surrounded by huge waves in black and white photo, with an ocean spray coming up behind it
a woman holding a baby gorilla in her arms with its mouth open and tongue out
He recognises joy, love and sharing. - Awesome
a white bird flying in the sky with its wings spread and it's reflection in the water
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black and white photograph of a zebra's face
Photography Macro Black And White Nature 58+ New Ideas#black #ideas #macro #nature #photography #white
a white cat laying on its back in front of a tree with it's paws up
Visión oscura ™ en Instagram: “Un día jugando afuera! Esta gatita es muy inquieta, por suerte logramos estas fotos 😊! Lindo Martes!! Empecemos con mucha energía ❤ . . .…”
a black and white photo of a turtle in the water
40+ Ideas For Photography Nature Animals Black And White
black and white photograph of a dandelion blowing in the wind with dark background
a spider web with water droplets on it's back and the top part of its body
a black and white photo of a large cactus with lots of lights on it's head
CAPTURING IMAGES WITH STRONG SENSE OF DESIGN – Brett Weston: Child genius of American photography - Meeting Benches
an elephant is spraying water at two people in the water with their trunks and tusks
La alegría compartida
La alegría compartida – Noticias y Artículos
a herd of elephants standing on top of a grass covered field with clouds in the background
61 fotografías en blanco y negro.
61 fotografías en blanco y negro.