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Everything you want to know about selling at craft fairs! Booth display ideas, craft show survival tips and checklists, find and apply to juried craft shows…
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an exhibit booth with art on the walls
10 Art Show Display Ideas
10 display ideas for craft fairs with photos.
the front cover of a craft show booth with clothes hanging on racks and text overlay that reads 8 proven merchandising techniques that boost sales and profits
8 Pop Up Shop Display Ideas to Design a Vendor Booth People Will Love
Design a great craft fair display with 8 proven retail merchandising techniques that boost sales and profits.
several tables with blue and white decorations on them
10 Product Display Table Ideas That Win Craft Show Customers
10 craft fair booth ideas using portable tables.
a table filled with different types of soaps and toothpaste on top of it
Craft Show Set Up Ideas - Easy 8 Step Guide to Create a Great Display
Design your craft fair setup in 8 simple steps. Plus inspiration photos of real booths at outdoor shows.
a display case filled with lots of different types of items and text that reads craft fair booth lighting ideas
9 Craft Fair Booth Lighting Ideas
9 craft fair booth lighting ideas.
a woman taking a photo with her camera
Product Photography Tips for Your Craft Business
The photos you send with your craft show application are the only tool the jury has to assess the quality of your work. Do you have the product photography skills you need to take great photos of your handmade items? Or are you missing out on important shows because you really need to hire a pro photographer? Here's how to decide when to DIY your photos and when to work with a professional. #productphotography #craftfairs #craftprofessional
three free printable christmas signs for your craft fair display
3 Craft Fair Signs, 5 Thank You Tags & 2 Wall Art Printables - Free
Three vendor signs for your craft fair display. Get these free, printable craft show signs to hang in your booth, and encourage shoppers to support small handmade businesses and shop local. #craftfairs #craftbusiness #shopsmall #craftprofessional
a display area for craft shows with the words five display ideas for craft shows
Craft Display Pictures for Your Inspiration
Display ideas for craft shows. 5 photos show you how to design a portable display booth for craft fairs. #craftfairs #craftprofessional
the words 5 craft display photos are in front of mannequins and clothes
Craft Display Pictures for Your Inspiration
5 craft display photos show you how to design a portable booth to sell handmade items at craft fairs #sellhandmade #craftfairs #craftprofessional
white tents with the words how to stay dry at a rainy craft show on them
Keep Your Portable Canopy Dry & Secure at Rainy or Windy Craft Shows
How vendors at outdoor craft fairs keep their portable craft tent dry and secure through rain and windy weather. #craftfairs #craftprofessional
a sign that says how to secure your craft canopy with ten weights on the sidewalk
Tent Weights to Anchor Your Craft Canopy
How to secure your craft canopy with tent weights. If you're setting up a portable tent at craft fairs, you'll need a way to secure it against wind. Here's how vendors anchor their canopies at craft shows. #canopytent #craftfairs #craftprofessional
jewelry booth with orange sign that says jewelry booth ideas for craft fairs
Portable Jewelry Display Photos
Portable jewelry booth display ideas for craft shows. Photos of handmade jewelry on display for jewelry business owners who want to create your own booth to start selling at craft fairs. #jewelrydisplay #craftbooth #craftprofessional
the words how to display paintings and prints at an art show are in white letters
How to Display Paintings at an Art Show
How to display paintings at an art and craft show. #display #craftshow #craftprofessional
an art show display with lots of pictures on the wall and grass in front of it
Display Stands for Art Shows
Lots of art show display ideas. 7 craft fair booth photos show you how to display art prints to sell. #artshow #displayart #craftprofessional
sewing supplies with the words pros and cons of selling crafts at small shows
Making Money with Crafts - Getting Started with Small Shows
Want to start selling handmade items at small craft shows? Here are the pros and cons of small local craft fairs vs. larger art shows. #craftfair #sellinghandmade #craftprofessional