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a black and white photo with the words que bajores de nerido esos
a white and black sign that says mente posita, fe en dios y plante
an image of a person holding a cell phone in front of a sign that says remos y loramos, camos nos levias los distrutanos
a sign that says animos por el piso
the text is written in spanish and has two smiley faces on it, one with an emoticive expression
the words prohibido rendire are in red and white on a black background
Bandit phrases!!
a man holding a heart shaped object in his right hand with the caption,
the text is written in spanish and it appears to be an image with a red heart
a person's hand holding a ring in a pink box with writing on it
Osiiii 2C3
Fotos De Joss Rosales En #Wattpad | Frases Cariñosas, Frases
two red hearts floating in the air on a black background with words that read, veces hablo con dios, sobre ti
Videos, Couples, Couple Goals, Cute Couples, Cute Couples Goals
a black background with the words me da igual no, no te da