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a hand holding a wooden plaque with green leaves on it, hanging from a wall
Nature Inspired Wall Art, Home Decor and DIY Kits
a painting on the side of a building with mountains and sun in the background,
Green Mountain Coaster
three wood slices with plants on them and the words hello, hello written in different languages
MFT March Release Replay
a wooden sign that says good vibes with a rainbow painted on it and tassels around the edge
good vibes , rainbow ,acrylic painting 🌈
a wooden sign with the word home painted on it's side and green leaves
a wooden sign that says julia hanging from a wall with flowers and leaves on it
Anime Painted Wood Slices
a wood slice with a doughnut and coffee mug on it that says together forever
#together is the best place to be! #tinyart #woodslicepainting #birchslice #kawaii #coffee #donut #coffeeanddonut #handpainted #etsy #craftcurate #jellylanestudios
a wooden ornament with a black cat on it
a black and white drawing of a cactus in the desert
punny craft advice