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an empty room with tables and chairs in front of glass partitions on the wall
Gallery of Blackwood Street Bunker / Clare Cousins - 22
Blackwood Street Bunker / Clare Cousins Architects
an image of a page with words on it and the text below it is written in yellow
Taco Bell Breakfast Waffle Taco Commercials Feature Ronald McDonald, All 25 of Them
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a dog wrapped in a blanket sitting on top of a chair
Yappy Bones
Lucy Snowe Photography
some cheeses are on a tray and one is cut in half
Chalkboard Serving Platter
several images of different faces made out of clay, including one with hair and the other without
curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of claire loder
British artist Claire Loder
black and white photograph of woman in hat sitting on couch with bookshelves behind her
The Chanel Little Black Jacket of Past and Present | 5th at 58th - The Bergdorf Goodman Blog
1964: Mademoiselle Chanel in her apartment on 31 rue Cambon. Portrait by Cartier-Bresson. © Chanel
three white horses made out of toilet paper in a room with wood flooring and walls
Vampire Fitness
Horse paper sculptures by Anna-Wili Highfield for Hermès