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a notebook with an image of two hands holding each other on top of a piece of paper
an orange and white cat holding a waffle on it's back with hearts flying around
two hands touching each other with a heart in the middle and one hand holding another
Aesthetic zeichnen Easy sketches Aesthetıc drawing
Aesthetic zeichnen Easy sketches Aesthetıc drawing
an image of many different faces with different expressions
♦️NekuZ♦️ (@ArtNekuz) on X | Drawing face expressions, Drawing expressions, Face expressions
a drawing of two bears in the grass with flowers and butterflies around them on a sheet of paper
a painting of a house with stairs and flowers
a painting of purple flowers and green leaves on a blue background with a white cat in the middle
four white kittens surrounded by clover leaves
@alva Cre: on pic
the raccoon is brushing his teeth in the bathroom
a cartoon bunny sleeping on a red chair next to toy blocks and a potted plant
Little G
Little “siesta” / Pequeña siesta (ilustración de Alena Tkach)