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a woman is holding up a t - shirt with the symbol of batman on it
the words i just wanna lay my head on your chest in red and pink with hearts
potentially lovely, perpetually human.
people walking around an amusement park at dusk
a red alarm clock sitting on top of a pink blanket
♡ lovecore ♡
valentine's day gifts laid out on a tiled floor with hearts and keychains
a cat standing on top of a pink bed in a room filled with heart shaped decorations
Lovely Lovecore
Eye Make Up, Pink Lips, Make Up, Pretty, Maquiagem
a large red heart shaped sign that says cupid wedding chapel
a pink poster with words describing love sick and the definition of love sick in english
Cute Lovecore Art Drawing
Lovecore Art Drawing - Shattered bones
a pair of red scissors sitting on top of a flowered tablecloth covered with flowers
a woman sitting at a desk in front of two windows with hearts drawn on them