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the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
Wine/coffee bar
a white room with an open glass door and baskets on the shelves next to it
a large kitchen with wooden floors and lots of windows
a large kitchen with an island in the center and lots of stools around it
Top 10 Ways to Achieve the Modern Farmhouse Look - NP
Discover tips on achieving the perfect modern farmhouse look in my latest blog post. Dive into a blend of rustic charm and contemporary aesthetics with my top 10 design elements, and convert your home into a cozy, inviting sanctuary echoing the simplicity of country living.
a wine cellar with glass doors and shelves full of bottles on the wall behind it
an open glass door in the middle of a room with wine bottles on shelves behind it
a kitchen with black cabinets and marble counter tops, potted plants on the window sill
a kitchen with white cabinets and shelves filled with glassware on top of it's counters
New Mediterranean
a dining room with glass doors and wooden furniture
a kitchen with an open glass door and shelves