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two baby oranguels cuddle together in the grass
Dylantero One Shots ♡︎
the words in spanish are written with red ink on a white background, which reads ni tu me mereces, ni yo te necesito
Chistes, Meme Stickers, Messages
Fruit, Beauty Tricks, Make Up, Cantaloupe, Tips, Beauty Recipe, Beauty Skin, Vida, Cara
Aquí te muestro como eliminar los puntos negros y las espinillas
a sign that says estoy pa'quien estte pa'mi
a sign that says nadda es perfecto por eso el lapiz fienie borrador
a man standing in front of a tv screen holding his hands out to the side
an emote is shown with the caption's message in spanish and english
two smiley faces with the caption that says, yo a veces trio estdos por
a black and white photo with the words, yo no compto con naddie porque donde hay calida no hay compete
a white skull with a red heart in its mouth
skull emoji