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an elephant and its baby are hugging each other in the middle of a book cover
Desear que todo lo bueno te encuentre y se quede contigo
an illustrated map of the roman city of la semaa santa fezquita
como eran los carruajes en tiempo de jesus en tiempos de jesus - Buscar con Google
a painting of two women sitting on the ground and one woman standing next to her
Las tres Marías
Las tres Marías en el sepulcro. Óleo de William Adolphe Bouguereau (1876). KMSKA - cortesía de Reproductiefonds—Lukas.
a man dressed in white with his arms spread wide and hands outstretched to the sky
It's Mourning in America; but God's Truth is Eternal
an image of jesus walking into the water with a child in his lap and holding him
Jesus Will Lift You Up!!