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a close up of a bee with the words i do not grasp the concept of moderation
an image of two ancient egyptian paintings with caption that reads, obsessed with the god neebbau it's just a snake with legs
the back cover of a book with an image of birds flying over water and land
two tweets that are on top of each other
“Leave me alone”- cat probably🤣😂
Public Pranks are the best pranks
the pope is holding his arms out and pointing to someone else in front of him
a sign posted on the side of a refrigerator
two tweets that have been posted to someone
the back side of a computer screen showing an image of a car with wheels on it
Shit Happens, Sarcasm Meme
the text on the phone says, i love student housing in the common room waiting for a friend and there's some friends around him
a screen shot of an email message with the text'i am not sure what this is
someone is holding up a sign that reads tbibonen on it and the caption says,'my roommate got super strong a couple