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three pictures of a tiger laying on top of a rock
By Diane Davis of Augusta, GA
a leaf and two ladybugs sitting on top of a rock with leaves painted on it
Adolfo Dusi
two painted rocks with yellow eyes and an owl's head on top of one
Painted Rocks
a hand holding a painted rock in the shape of a duck
a painted rock with an eagle's head on it sitting on top of a wooden table
a painted rock with an image of a chicken on it
Bonitas ideas de pintura rupestre para su interior 05 #felsen #ideen #innene – Ideas de decoración – Blog de accesorios
Art, Rock Crafts, Decorative Painting
Rock schilderij meisje kijkt door een gat van een gebroken | Etsy
a painted rock with a bee on it
an image of a rock with hands coming out of it
a person holding an eyeball in their hand
a rock with a face painted on it
a hand holding a small painted turtle in it's left hand and the top half of its shell
El Arte de Imitar, Organizadora Reto Amistoso 93