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three bottles of apple cider sit side by side
Lillevik Alpine
Lillevik Alpine relativa a los envases del Mundo - Paquete creativo Galería de diseño
Hemmelig-screen-animation_lores.gif 480×270 pixeles
blend17_dribbble_2.gif 800×600 pixeles
blend_save_the_date_claudio_salas.gif 800×600 pixeles
blend_savethedate2017_tm_standingloop_post.gif 800×600 pixeles
two hands are touching the keyboard icon on white background, black and white line art
the city with buildings and trees in line art style, on a white background royalty illustration
three people standing next to each other in different poses
the poster for dj, which features hands holding a record player's turntable
Gig Posters
This is AWESOME! Very old school feel. I love how the grooves on the vinyl become pinstripes on the jacket sleeve. LOVE this.
an illustration of a pyramid and some other objects
There is Always a Way
There is Always a Way
a drawing of a house with plants on the outside and an orange roof above it
Timeshare Math
Client: Reed Hein Directed by Jeff Briant Illustration: Justyna Stasik Animation: Jeff Briant Sound Design + Music: Jeff Moberg
an image of a computer screen with graphs and pies on it, as well as a calculator
Explainer video for LaunchCloud - a service that allows to get rid of all the paperwork and convert it into digital assets
a group of birds flying in the sky with confetti coming out of them
Re-Introducing Zendesk
A film by the Zendesk brand team. CREDITS Written and Directed by the Zendesk Story Team: Kevin Cline, Sara Farnsworth, Ethan Kanat, Olivia Kingsley Art Direction: Erin Pinkley Animation Direction: Kevin Cline, Sara Farnsworth Animation: Sara Farnsworth, David Stanfield Music and Sound Design: CypherAudio Produced by Zendesk
Adobe Marketing Cloud
Adobe Marketing Cloud by Andrew Embury #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots