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Jeonghan (SVT) "Your Choice" Other Side Ver. Shoot Behind [cropped]
Joshua Seventeen, Joshua Hong
a young man with pink hair wearing a blue shirt and looking off to the side
the young man is wearing a tiara and smiling at the camera with his hand under his chin
a young man in black shirt and pants holding his hand out to the side with both hands
a young man with blonde hair wearing a green shirt
Boy Groups, Yang, Men, Jeon, Kpop, Vernon
the boy is wearing bunny ears on his head
a young man wearing a striped shirt poses for the camera with his hand on his shoulder
a young man wearing glasses talking to another person with his hand on the keyboard and pointing at him
Boys, Korea, Guys, Korean Singer, Kpop Guys
a girl with blonde hair and pink sweater holding her hand up to her face while wearing a flower in her hair
a young man with blonde hair wearing a turtle neck sweater
#Kwon Soonyoung#Hoshi#SEVENTEEN
a young man sitting at a table with an open book in front of his face