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Simple Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant
I wrapped this gorgeous opal in my simple wire wrapped cabochon pendant design. I used copper wire and I think it turned out beautiful!
Turtle necklace with labradorite
#turtle #seaturtle #tortoise #ocean #nature #turtlejewelry #turtlenecklace
Nature inspired craft. Sea turtle jewelry #nature #sea
a necklace with a green stone in the shape of a dragon
Украшения от GIENA! | Искусство и Wire Wrap | VK
Jewellery Bracelets, Metal Jewellery, Metal Jewelry, Wire Bracelet, Cuff
a person is holding a pendant with a red stone in it's center and an intricate design on the side
a pendant I made with copper wire, Garnet and Onyx
Mystic sparkly topaz sterling silver handmade necklace by zd_artisan_jewelry IG