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two comics with one being hugged by the other
Corrupting the god || Avengers Infinity War || Thor & Peter || Cr: Nick
*excuse language* They Don T, Marvel Fan Art, Comic, Fathom, Mcu, Funny Marvel Memes
*excuse language*
a comic strip with an image of a man holding a woman's hair in the air
a comic strip with an image of a bunch of minion characters
For anyone who has seen "Minions" will really get this hahahahahahha!! XD
a cartoon character holding a green frog in his hand and the caption says,'thor
Butterfly of mischief xD #Loki #Thor #Thorki
an image of two people sitting at a table and one is writing on a book
Lilo and Loki
a woman in a red cape is holding a spider man and the caption says brother, i've misplaced the spider child
:D Cute. Loki and Thor Babysit Spidey.
an image of two people talking to each other with the caption that reads, me and
the many faces of captain america from avengers comics, with caption that reads meanwhite in the soul world you alght???
two people standing next to each other with one pointing at the spider hanging on their head
two cartoon characters with different expressions on their faces, one saying stop it and the other saying
two cartoon characters, one with blonde hair and the other with blue eyes
two men with different facial expressions, one is wearing an armor and the other has horns
two cartoon characters with one holding the other's head and another looking at him
Thor and Loki. Awww! I love this!