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a painting of grapes hanging from a tree
Grapes III by Karen Stark
lovely watercolor by Karen Stank
a basket filled with lots of grapes next to barrels
The Capitols of Cabernet
a wicker basket filled with grapes and green leaves on a window sill in front of a white curtain
Wire basket of grapes.
grapes in a metal bucket on a wooden table with green leaves and grass behind them
a bowl filled with purple figs sitting on top of a table
Figo ! Que delícia !
several wine barrels stacked on top of each other in front of some wooden barrels filled with grapes
Grape Stomp
some red grapes are growing on the vine next to a wooden fence and green leaves
Grapes in the Vineyard by Mark Perry / 500px
Grapes in the Vineyard
grapes are growing on the vine in an old tree trunk that has been grafted
Julien Miquel #Wine (@JMiquelWine) on X
Ever Wondered why Wine from Old Vines are better? More Concentrated Grapes... img https://www.flickr.com/photos/claudebilloux/ …
three pictures of apples and green beans in an oven, with the same image being taken from different angles
Eye Candy for Today: William Rickarby Miller apples
Still Life - Study of Apples, William Rickarby Miller
an image of some fruit that is still on the table
Still life
apples, oranges and cinnamon sticks on a wooden plate with leaves in the center
Cinnamon Tea
Still life
a wooden crate filled with lots of different types of apples on top of a table
Pomme Pomme Pomme.......O