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an open book with a drawing of a person in the background and text on it
Gustavo y los miedos
Gustavo y los miedos
a poem written in spanish on the wall
Microsoft Outlook (formerly Hotmail): Free email and calendar | Microsoft 365
a person walking down a leaf covered path with the words, las personas fiertes
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
an image of two metal door handles with center and out center locks on each side
Brass Architectural Hardware, Brass Hardware Products, Brass Architectural Ironmongery, Hinges
kermie the frog sitting on top of a piece of bread with caption in spanish
Encerrados y sin cervezas
the words are written in spanish on a blue and green background with an image of water
three women standing on the balcony of a building
Risas Channel
a wooden sign that says, dios me hizo asi, caalquier que jaleja hablen con el
a poster with the words in spanish and english
Frase del día (16/08/19).
a man sitting in front of stacks of money with the caption's words above him
Enrique, con que usted es el berraco que cumple años hoy, ¡Felicidades pue' mijo! - escobar el patron del mal - Meme Generator
the joker with his face painted in white
Frase del día (30/12/19).
the joker is standing in front of a building with his head turned to the side
cuestión de fé, cuestión de amor...
a woman making a funny face with her mouth open and the caption reads, a trabjar marganes ya es lunes