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an old airplane sitting on top of a dirt field
Since we are talking vintage aviation...
loner2, 1947knuck, 41 GMC K-18 and 5 others like this. Gary Reynolds COOL STUFF GUYS! I've been an airplane freak since I was very small. My Dad was a B-24 nose gunner , 15th USAAF , 460th BG in Spinnozala Italy in WW2. He inspired me, plus I grew up with a small airport literally across the street! I devoured EVERYTHING on aviation
an airplane flying over a boat in the ocean
@m_uroko/Military / Twitter
Ww2 Aesthetic, Motivation Aesthetic, Wwii Fighter Planes, Airplane Art, Photo B, Aesthetic Aesthetic, Military History
[Photo] B-29 Superfortress bombers dropping bombs on Japan, circa Jul-Aug 1945
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Elizabeth Reyes
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an old photo of airplanes flying in the sky
Los bombardeos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial alteraron la atmósfera del planeta
Los bombardeos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial alteraron la atmósfera del planeta | Bioguia
two men sitting on a motorcycle with tanks in the background
World of Tanks—Forum Closure
Fotos históricas de la SGM. - Off-Topic - World of Tanks official forum
an army vehicle with a missile on it's back
US military operators refer to the M270 as "the commander's personal shotgun"
a dollar bill origami fighter jet in someone's hand
How to Fold an Origami F-18 Fighter Jet Out of a Dollar Bill
a missile is being launched from the ocean
July | 2017 | Modern weapons | Page 2
U.S. Navy fires first Tomahawk cruise missiles from new submarine payload tubes