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two pictures of trees in the snow and one with birds on it, both showing different angles
Notice the people in the pic. Of course the one at the base, but thee is a guy near the top and one about a third of the way up. That would be great to have on your resume - that you climbed The President! The President, the third largest tree on earth.
a man standing next to a very tall tree in the middle of a wooded area
Enchanted Forest California
looking up at the top of a tall tree
Jeff Tinker Photography - Bald Cypress
an old tree with moss growing on it's branches in the middle of a field
✯ Moss covered Japanese Maples in Portland, Oregon
the sun shines through the branches of an old, majestic oak tree in a park
Nature Art for Sale | Fine Art America
✮ Angel Oak - Sun Rays
looking up at tall trees with yellow leaves
American Southwest Art - Fine Art America
✮ Looking Up At Towering Aspen Trees
snow covered trees on the side of a mountain with blue sky in the back ground
Snow-covered Pine Trees On Mount Hood by Natural Selection Craig Tuttle
✮ Snow-Covered Pine Trees On Mount Hood
a large tree in the middle of a forest with snow on the ground and trees around it
The General Sherman Tree - Sequoia National Park
✮ Sequoia National Park - Tulare County, California
a tree stump with a hole in the middle surrounded by fallen leaves on the ground
tree pool