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an old wooden cross hanging from the side of a white curtain in front of a beige wall
birch curtain rod
two pictures showing different types of shipping containers
The Magnificent Hideaway Litchfield Container Cabin in Nature – Australia
two people are sitting on the roof of a small house with grass growing on it
Hermosas viviendas sustentables construidas con un bajo presupuesto
a living room with white walls and stone steps leading up to the second floor area
Awesome Inventions on Twitter
an unusual house built into the side of a hill with trees growing out of it
Cob archivos -
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and shower head in the corner on the wall
Habitaciones rurales en Ibiza: bienvenidos al paraíso (1ª parte)
a bedroom with a fireplace and ladders to the ceiling in an unusual looking room
Redirect Notice
a small kitchen with pots and pans on the stove
40 Ideas de cocinas para todos los gustos
a living room filled with furniture and bookshelves next to a window covered in curtains