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a person is pouring liquid onto a colorful cake
Page not found - Steve Spangler Science
Sharpie Pen Science ~ rubbing alcohol dripped on makes beautiful designs!
kids are making their own art project with the help of spray paint and wash cloths
Color Spray - Science through Art for Kids
Suministros que se necesitan: Limpie la camiseta blanca - preshrunk Colección de marcadores permanentes Frotar alcohol Botella del aerosol Cómo crear arte - a través de la Ciencia: Círculos de color y formas geométricas en su camiseta con los marcadores permanentes. Intentamos utilizar colores contrastantes en anillos concéntricos,llenar su botella de spray con alcohol y humedezca toda la camisa, y luego rociar en gran medida en el centro de cada círculo
three children are playing with paints on a play table in a park or playground area
Material TEACCH y otras ideas
Blog sobre Discapacidad, Atención Temprana, Logopedia y Trastornos del Espectro Autista. Información, recursos,productos solidarios, orientaciones
four children are playing in a metal bucket
Shibori Dying Technique with Kids
shibori tie-dying with kids in art camp
two young children standing next to each other in the grass with buckets full of ice
Potions Week at Art Camp
Kids practice the Japenese technique of Shibori tie-dyeing.
a collage of pictures showing how to make a crochet shawl
Taringa! - Inteligencia Colectiva en Taringa!
Imagen publicada por @diana_vdm
several different types of fabric and their names on the pictures are labeled in red, orange, white, and blue
DIY: Tie Dye
DIY: efectos para teñir tejidos.
four different types of tie - dyes are shown
Tie Dye Effects
Metodo tintado
a white t - shirt with flowers on it is laying on a green cloth surface
Tie-Dyeing 101
From Martha Stewart-- I've never seen this method, using marbles to create perfect circles
the instructions for how to make an origami shirt with bows and laces
how to tie dye scarves
Microsoft Outlook (formerly Hotmail): Free email and calendar | Microsoft 365
an aerial view of a blue and white object on the ground next to a brick wall
DIY Indigo Fabric Dyeing Tutorial
Shibori Indigo Dyeing Tutorial - In Color Order