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a ladder made out of branches with flowers growing on it and two windows in the background
Ladders in Décor • This one is for March
diy branch ladder for climbing vines or hanging small pots of flowers and plants
a glass jar filled with green plants on top of a wooden table
How To Make Herbal Infused Honeys
Whispering Earth - An excellent blog for anyone who wants to learn more about herbs.
a person standing on top of rocks in a wooden box with the words foot wash station
river rocks in a box garden hose = clean feet what a great garden idea! Placed in the sun will heat the stones as well. Great way to wash off little feet covered with grass and dirt before coming inside. or sand!
some rocks are being made to look like they have eyes on them, and one is holding
Garden Hacker | Bloglovin’
Create stone critters for the garden - Alternative Energy and Gardening. It's cute and unexpected.
an outdoor bench made out of cinder blocks with the words, 13 awesome outdoor bench projects
13 DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas You Can Make This Weekend!
13 Awesome Outdoor Bench Projects, Ideas Tutorials!
a tree that has some kind of house on it's trunk in front of a yellow house
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I love it. faerie door and windows for your tree
a pond filled with water lilies surrounded by rocks
21 Garden Design Ideas, Small Ponds Turning Your Backyard Landscaping into Tranquil Retreats
21 Garden Design Ideas, Small Ponds Turn Your Backyard Landscaping into Tranquil Retreats
an instagramted photo of birds sitting on top of a brick fire hydrant
15 Outdoor Projects For Your Back Yard
Great use of leftover old bricks - just stack them up, lay piece of wood on top, then lay a saucer on top.
a bed made out of wooden blocks sitting on top of gravel next to a potted plant
DIY Outdoor Seating - inexpensive cinder block bench.
an outdoor bar made out of metal and wood with plants on the top, in front of a house
Outdoor Bar Furniture - Patio Bar Plans
Outdoor Bar Furniture - Build your own Patio Bar Set
several potted plants hanging from a brick wall
Drought resistent su... stock photo by Graham Strong, Image: 0162897
Drought resistant succulents and cactus growing in suspended Mexican terracotta pots
a potted plant with succulents on a red rock wall in the desert
Macetas en la pared
Jardines de cactus y suculentas: Macetas en la pared
a plant is growing on the side of a brick wall in front of a white vase
Desejando quinta FLOWER, e tbem adorando esta dica plantar suculenta em cano de pvc...
Vertical pvc pipe planter succulents
a screen shot of a cell phone showing an image of clothes hanging on a rack
Retractable pergola roof- Gives you an idea on how to start. I wouldn't pay the price they want when me and my husband can do it for a lot less.
several wooden planters with plants in them on a porch
Make a Herb Garden with Wine Boxes
Make a Herb Garden with Wine Boxes