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two pieces of bread with faces drawn on them, one has its mouth open and the other
Mr. Wonderful (@mrwonderful_) / X
a cartoon dinosaur holding a heart with the caption'ers como la chancla de mi mama '
two otters holding hands with the words no me sweeten nunca
Las 30 frases favoritas de nuestros novios
two pink pigs are standing next to each other with the words, te quiero oink y sempre
two yellow ducks kissing each other with the caption'i love you'in spanish
two robots are standing next to each other, one has a mustache on his head
two black balls with faces drawn on them and the words, que la chispa del
a pie with the words quanto te quiero written on it and hearts around it
luv place ¡!
a person holding up a pink sign that says, siss atomii si veras lo guapo que te vez cuando sonie
a drawing of a rocket with stars and the words, te quiero tanto que el
a person holding up a piece of paper with writing on it that says por tu cupa me voli cursi