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an image of three spirals in the shape of two circles on a white background
Celtic triple spiral--Represents the drawing of the three powers of maiden, mother and crone. It is a sign of female power and especially power through transition and growth.
an image of different types of symbols in the form of circles and spirals on paper
Celtic Spiral Patterns – Catalog of Patterns
Triskel Más
various crowns and tiaras on white background -  Resources and Information.
Medieval Crown Tattoo | Available To Download Rampant Lion Coat Of Arms Tattoo D | Kiferwater ...
an image of the alphabets and numbers that can be used to spell out letters
Armenian Tattoos And Meanings
Símbolos angelicales.
a woman's arm with a lion and flowers on it
Tattoo2me: Photo
Idk why but I like this
a drawing of a lion with colorful feathers
Colorful Lion Head Tattoo Design
Colorful Lion Head Tattoo Design
a drawing of a lion with flowers on it's head is shown in this image
Premium Collection of Tattoo Design Resources
Beautiful More
an intricately designed wall with arrows and circles on the bottom, in black ink
Tattoo Sun and Moon
two different tattoos on the back of women's bodies, one with a sun and moon
Ascending Lotus Tattoo
Sun&moon sister tattoos done by Rabbit at Ascending Lotus TattooVancouver, WA
three different views of the same flower on both legs and feet, one with pink flowers growing out of it
50+ Magnolia Flower Tattoos | Art and Design
Magnolia color cover up by xandervoron on DeviantArt - 50+ Magnolia Flower Tattoos <3 <3
a piece of paper with pink flowers on it sitting on top of a wooden table
永生之酒 的涂鸦王国作品《玉兰》Saucer Magnolia like the one I have in southern Ontario in Canada...over 15 feet tall. P.s. simple quest for everyone) Why did Bill die?
a painting of purple flowers on a white background
Занятия по ботанической иллюстрации
Друзья, открыт набор на дневные будничные занятия по ботанической иллюстрации . Курс для тех, кто увлекается ботанической иллюстрацией и хотел бы овладеть…