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Frasco de la felicidad. Cada día escribe en un papel algo que te hizo feliz. Guárdalo en el frasco. Al final del año lee todas las cosas maravillosas que sucedieron. Mi plan para una vida feliz y plena.
‘Bronde’ se llama la  nueva técnica de coloración que tiene a las castañas (y también las rubias) fascinadas. Fácil de mantener y muy iluminado, este look
The Dominant Wife Rulebook: "guidelines for the submissive husband" by Mistress Jessica. What you will find that follows this introduction is a set of rules and information that you can adhere to in your Dominant / submissive relationship or not. If you purchased the actual book rather then the E-book, you will find each page has the rule listed and a check box for “Yes” and “No” so that you may start off slowly implementing new rules when either an infraction of that particular rule is...
This remedy actually works!! Trust me--instant energy! #diy #holistic #remedy
hair ... so important right? I love: long thatch, wavy hair (beach look) and highlights highlights highlights
chocolate brown hair
brown hair with caramel highlights
Chestnut brown with caramel somber highlights