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Montessori et nous / exprimer ses émotions – Et Dieu Créa
Preschool/Kindergarten: Color Match Use empty colored play dough tubs to sort buttons! Then count the buttons in each one. Correct amount is written on the bottom of each cup for self-check!
Voilà une idée d'activité simple, peu coûteuse et idéale pour développer la concentration, la reconnaissance des couleurs et la motricité fine d'un enfant dès ses 18 mois. Pour la réalisation je me suis inspirée du livre de Delphine Gilles Cotte
Name Game Busy Bag Clothespins Felt and por KeepingMyKiddoBusy …
Exploring lines: using hand drawn lines on rocks for play. Challenging pre-writers to distinguish between straight and curved lines to help build their understanding of shape and help establish correct letter and number formation later. Visit for more.
Counting Activity Using a Geoboard from An Everyday Story Number and Letter Sequencing
Pre-writing practice. This is a typical Montessori activity - the sand tray - you can also use salt (white or coloured) on the light panel.
For practice counting and assigning the # to the amount. Do again and again by sweeping up the snowflakes (or whatever is used) and dropping them where they fall.  (Although if it's random there might be two of the same number in which case you'd have to have more clothespins.)
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