Proyecto casa sur

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the side of a building that is being built with metal siding and wood framing on it
a room that has some kind of metal structure in the middle of it and is being renovated
Come rivestire un camino in cartongesso? (e perché scegliere questo materiale)
an open room with glass walls and sliding doors leading to the outside dining area that overlooks trees
Home in Tunquen · ★4.69 · 3 bedrooms · 4 beds · 3.5 baths
an image of a building being built with metal framing and windows on the front cover
Home extension project - build straighter, better and quicker by saving time and money.
an image of a diagram showing the components for a wall mounted cabinet with glass doors
Cómo se construye un panel Steel Frame
an open metal door with rivets and screws on the outside side of it
Galeria de Sistema constructivo METALCON® - 10
bolts and nuts are placed on the side of a conveyor belt
an image of the inside of a building with different sections labeled in spanish and english
Tipos de Revestimientos Exteriores en Steel Frame
an empty building with several doors and windows
an architectural drawing showing the height and width of a building's interior wall, with measurements
Ingeniería de Detalle de proyectos y planos de Steel Framing
three different types of windows with measurements for each window and the other side by side