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the words best social media platform for author and writer, and guide to use them efficiently
Social Media For Writers In 2023
If you are a writer or an author you should know the importance of using social media. There are so many social media for writers authors and that newbies don’t understand which one to use in long run. So in this post, I will show you which are the best social media just for writers and authors. I will show you which social media platform I am using and how it helping me build my personal brand. #SocialMediaMarketing #Marketing #Publicity #PersonalBrand #Branding
a collage of photos with the words my 3 favorite instagram tools on it
My 3 Favorite Tools for Creating Engaging Posts
As an author and online entrepreneur, my biggest social media transformation came when I began to think of myself as a brand. By spending time selecting brand colors, brand fonts, and key messages, I was able to transform my social media platform from a bland semi-personal account (I’ll admit it) to a recognizable, vibrant space for promoting literacy, diversity, and the joy of reading. #SocialMediaMarketing #Marketing #MarketingTips #InstagramTips
the cover of how to use pinterest to booster your children's book
5 Practical Tips to Boost Your Pinterest Children’s Book Marketing Strategies
Once you learn the ins and outs of the network and know its idiosyncrasies, you can bring a generous stream of traffic to your site. For you authors, this is particularly important because this translates to more eyes on your books. But how can you use this lovely social media to beef up your Pinterest children’s book marketing strategies? #SocialMediaMarketing #MarketingTips #Marketing #ChildrensBook
a sign that says 60 + less known holidays to help market your children's book
60+ Holidays You Can Use To Market Your Children's Book This Year
Looking for an excuse to post about your book on social media? 60 Lesser Known Book Holidays To help you out in the coming year, here's a list of more than 60 holidays you can use to market your children’s books. From Library Shelfie Day to National Crayon Day, you’re sure to find some ideas here to boost your social media game. #SocialMediaMarketing #Marketing #MarketingTips #Holidays #ChildrensBook
an image of books and pens with the title how authors can easily build a solid instagram following in 10 minutes a day
How Authors Can Build a Solid Instagram Following in 10 Minutes a Day
I always tell authors it’s not the reader’s job to find you - it’s your job to find your readers. The approach I’m going to show you today has been, hands down, the most effective way to do just that on Instagram. Hashtags are one of the best ways to find and connect with new readers - especially on Instagram. But something I’ve noticed is that many authors don’t tap into a very specific way to use hashtags to make those initial connections. #SocialMediaMarketing #Marketing #MarketingTips
the pinterest ads for authors how to build your email list and sell more books using paid ads on pinterest
Pinterest Ads for Authors
How to Build Your Email List and Sell More Books using Paid Ads on Pinterest: Small businesses around the world are using Pinterest to grow their businesses – including many authors. But why do they use Pinterest instead of other social media platforms? The answer is simple. Pinterest is not only a social media channel. It is a visual search engine. #Advertising #Marketing #MarketingTips #SocialMediaMarketing #EmailList
the author website starter kit is shown
Free Author Website Starter Kit
Are you a nonfiction author or thought leader? Does your website need to grow your influence, impact, and authority? Are you confused and overwhelmed by the choices and technology available? Did you perhaps start to weigh up Squarespace vs Wordpress... but you never got any further? This free 8-step Starter Kit lays out how to begin. #SocialMediaMarketing #Website #Resource #Marketing #Publishing
a typewriter with the title 10 tasks authors can do every week to grow an online presence
10 Tasks Authors Can Do Every Week To Grow Your Online Presence
We have a phrase that we say quite a bit around our house: progress, not perfection. It’s something that I have to say to myself daily. It’s the things that we work on consistently and strive for that make us better and how we see results. #SocialMediaMarketing #Marketing #MarketingTips #ForAuthors
a bed with black and white pillows on top of it, the text reads 7 author website necessities
7 Author Website Necessities
I've said it before and I'll say it again... an author website is a vital piece of author success. You should start thinking of setting one up the minute you decide to take your writing seriously and pursue authorship. It doesn't matter if you don't have a published book yet or even if you don't have a completed manuscript. Your website is your "home-base" online. #SocialMediaMarketing #Marketing #MarketingTips #WebsiteTips
some pencils and paper with the words 10 exact ways authors can attract new readers using pinterest
10 Powerful Ways To Attract New Readers Using Pinterest
If you haven’t tapped into Pinterest to connect with readers, you might be missing out on a huge opportunity! Granted, Pinterest isn’t for everyone and you need to determine if your ideal reader is on Pinterest. But if your readers do fall into the Pinterest category, hold on to your hats! #SocialMedia #SocialMediaMarketing #Marketing #MarketingTips
a person sitting at a table with an open book in front of them and the title how to build an amazing author platform
How to Create an Amazing Author Platform for Your Book
Dear Evergreen Authors: I keep hearing I need to build an Author Platform in order to sell my book, but I don’t even know what that means or how to do it. Help! We get asked this question all the time from authors, and we totally understand why. #AuthorPlatform #SocialMedia #Marketing #MarketingTips
social media tips for children's writer
How to Effectively Use Social Media as a Children’s Author
Do you know how many social media platforms exist? Probably more than you realize. An article by Influencer Marketing Hub, a marketing and advertising resource company, listed over 50 different platforms. #Marketing #MarketingTips #SocialMedia #KidLit
the book cover for how to start a booktok, with text overlaying it
How To Start a BookTok
Want to get involved in the book world on TikTok? Here's a handy guide to getting started on BookTok. #BookTok #BookMarketing #AuthorMarketing
bookshelf full of books with the words easy book instagramm post ideas
Bookstagram Post Ideas
Need new Bookstagram inspiration? this is the post for you! - 23 easy and simple bookstagram post ideas // bookstagram // bookstagram captions // bookstagram inspiration // bookstagram caption ideas // bookstagram posts // bookstagram post ideas // books // book blogger // bookstagrammer // bookstagram tips // // #bookstagram #bookstagramideas #bookstagrammer #postideas #bookish #blogger #bookblog #bookblogideas
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a vase filled with flowers
How to Start a Book Blog: Book Blogging for Beginners
Thinking about starting a book blog but not sure where to start? This post with tips on how to start a book blog goes is the ultimate guide to book blogging for beginners so you can become a successful book reviewer. #whatshotblog #bookblogging #bookblog #bookreview #bloggingtips