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Making your Author Website: Must-Have Elements
Creating an author website? Read these tips on what you must have when making it, including good first impressions, media kits, and more! #Author #AuthorWebsites
a woman sitting at a desk in front of a computer with the words facing fear and writing unique characters
Facing Fears and Writing Unique Characters
Joanna Penn is an award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She says "I've made many mistakes on the author journey, and I share everything on this site so you can save time, money, and heartache on your path." Read more to check out her helpful tips and tricks. #Writing #Authors #AuthorBlog #WritingTips
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Starting Your Book!
21-Time New York Times Bestselling Author Jerry Jenkins shares his process on starting to write your book! Read more here. #Books #Writer #Authors #BookWriting
a phone with a megaphone on top of it and the words 5 reasons to write struggle
Why Writers Struggle with Marketing: Acknowledging and Overcoming
K.M. Weiland is an award-winning and internationally published author of acclaimed writing guides. Here she explains the struggles of marketing, and most importantly reminds us that it is okay to feel challenged! Read more here. #Marketing #BookWriting #Authors #BookMarketing #MarketingTips
the 12 book promotion ideas for cats
12 Book Promotion Ideas!
1. Run a pre-order 2. Do social media 3. Set up a website 4. Start an email list 5. Use a reader magnet 6. Throw a launch event 7. Network and attend book events 8. Run price promotions 9. Buy promotional spots 10. Try Amazon ads 11. Try Facebook ads 12. Get featured for free #BookPromo #BookSales #Marketing #BookMarketing
social media strategy for authors elevate your online presence with these platforms
Social Media Strategies for Authors
Social media has become a wonderful tool for connecting, marketing, and more! Find how an online platform can help authors and writers spread your work. #SocialMedia #OnlinePresence #Authors #Writers #BookPromotion
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Everything You Need to Know to Host a Virtual Book Launch Party
"Even in an increasingly digital and socially distant world, it’s still possible to celebrate the launch of your book with friends, family, colleagues, community members, and readers. The tips and tricks below will help you plan your virtual book launch party, promote it, and execute it in a thoughtful and engaging way" Read more here! #BookLaunch #BookEvent #VirtualReading
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How to Become a Book Illustrator
Creating a portfolio, establishing the earnings, and more on how to become a book illustrator! #Illustrator #Author #ChildrensBooks
Camille Medina explains the ins and outs of finding an illustrator you can trust and ensuring a smooth and happy relationship between author and illustrator. #Illustrator #Hiring #Author Blog, Happy, Donts, Relationship, Medina, Hiring, Over The Years
10 Dos and Don'ts of Hiring an Illustrator
Camille Medina explains the ins and outs of finding an illustrator you can trust and ensuring a smooth and happy relationship between author and illustrator. #Illustrator #Hiring #Author
a microphone with the words how to plan a book reading that delights your audience
How to Plan a Book Reading that Delights Your Audience
Speaking coach, creative mentor, and co-author of How to Read for an Audience; The Stuff Nobody Teaches You James Nave explains book readings and how to make them successful. #BookReading #Reading #ReadAlouds #BookEvent
a hand writing on paper with the words self - published author here's how to set up a book signing
Self Published Author? Here's How to Set Up A Book Signing
Tips n tricks on what you'll need to do/ have with you before, during, and after a book signing event #BookSigning #Publish #Author #Marketing
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How to Become a Book Editor in 2024: A Complete Guide
"Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details about what it takes to become a successful book editor." Read from Dave Chesson's tips on how to become a book editor! #childrensbooks #editor
children holding books with the title three keys to marketing children's books
Three Keys to Marketing Children's Books
Author Crystal Swain-Bates gives advice on how to market a children's book. Read more here. #marketing #childrensbooks
a brown dog sitting on top of a snow covered ground next to a sign that reads finding joy and success in picture books lessons from three
Finding Joy and Success in Picture Books – Lessons from Three Inspiring Authors by Jocelyn Rush
Picture book authors Charlotte Offsay, Kirsten Pendreigh, and Adrea Theodore join together to talk about surviving the publishing industry and book release. #Publishing #Authors #ChildrensBooks #Writing
a woman holding her hand to her face with the words, no one tells you this?
10 Things No One Tells You About Releasing a Book by Jenna Moreci
A lot of writers imagine their book release to be a giant celebration. They'll have a party, they'll invite their friends and family, they'll cry over their book baby, and just watch the sales roll in. That's not what happens. At all. Jenna Moreci gives the cold hard truth on book releasing and so much more. #BookRelease #Marketing