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the top 10 crp resources for therapists
Top 10 CRP Resources for Therapists
As an inclusive book publisher, we know how difficult it can be to explain diversity, self-empowerment, and community orientation to children. We also know how important it is to talk about these issues, so if you're a therapist or parent struggling to find the words, check out our new blog post at to learn what books and resources we're recommending to make this easier for everyone!
a yellow suitcase sitting on top of a blue background with the words, underhanding grit
Understanding Grief: Mourning and Death Described Through Children's Books
The Heavy Bag written by Sarah Surgey and illustrated by Larisa Ivankovic is a childrens story to help understand and describe the journey through grief. Read more here. #blog #blogpost #TheHeavyBag #ChildrensBooks
people standing in a circle with the words square pegs - how to fit in when the world is round
Square Pegs- How to Fit in When the World is Round by Jenn Kim
Former educator, writer, and bookstagrammer, Jenn Kim is a mother of three, and she describes the challenges and concerns she holds for her children dealing with neurodivergency and the small extra steps taken to create a safe, comfortable and kind environment. #blog #blogpost #awareness #CRP #cardinalrulepress
headphones and books with the title audio descriptions what are they and what do they provide to readers?
Audio Descriptions: What are they, and what do they provide to readers? by Emma Bender
What are audio descriptions and how can they benefit readers? In this blog post Emma Bender explains how audio descriptions are a helpful and immersive experience for those with visual impairments. Read more and find CRP books that have been made with audio descriptions! #audiodescriptions #cardinalrulepress #CRP #books #blogpost
an advertisement for cardinal rules press featuring two people in black and white, with the caption cardinal rules press
Children's Book LIKE THAT ELEANOR Coming to Cardinal Rule Press!
Book deal announcement for Cardinal Rules Press! Founder of CRP, Maria Dismondy and editor Adam Blackman have acquired world rights to LIKE THAT ELEANOR, a picture book by Lee Wind and to be illustrated by Kelly Mangan about a girl named after Eleanor Roosevelt who takes inspiration from her namesake to discover how to be an ally! #CardinalRulePress #BookDeal #ChildrensBook #LeeWind #KellyMangan
an open notebook with writing on it and the words new year resolution written in red
I Don't Do New Year’s Resolutions by Taylor Hagemeyer
I don’t do New Year's resolutions, but I still have goals. As a busy teacher, writer and mother, I need something more simplified; which is why I write themes for each year instead. Check out Taylor Hageymeyer's blog post to hear a new take on New Year's Resolutions. #CardinalRulePress #NewYearsResolutions #Family #Growth
the advertisement for an upcoming book club is shown in red, white and yellow colors
Picture Book Submissions at Cardinal Rule Press!
Cardinal Rule Press is currently open to unsolicited manuscripts until January 31st, 11:59 PM EST 2024! #CardinalRulePress #BookSubmissions
children's books with the title pay it forward with books and kindness
Pay it Forward with Books and Kindness
"Books are a wonderful way to teach lessons of kindness because entertaining stories stick with kids long after you’re done reading" -Sara Ipatenco
books are stacked on top of each other with the title book stores use seasonal book displays to increase sales
How To Use The Calendar To Create Seasonal Book Displays
One easy way to jazz up your bookstore or library is by using the calendar, seasons and holidays to create curated book displays. You can use the calendar to drive marketing both from a holiday and celebration point of view, but it can also be used to create curated marketing moments. #Marketing #MarketingTips #BookDisplays #HolidaySales #CardinalRulePress
a woman in a dress with the words, all the witt marketing
Why You Should Make Bookstagram Your New Marketing BFF with Kat Harrison
In this episode, you will learn: 1. Fictional stories about chronic illness 2. 1 in every 10 kids experience migraines 3. Influencer Marketing: What you need to know 4. Exciting examples of what can come out of an authentic relationship with a book influencer #Marketing #MarketingTips #Bookstagram #Podcast #CardinalRulePress
a book cover with an image of a boy in red pants and blue shirt standing
Dazzling Travis read by Hannah Carmona & ASL Interpreter Seth Field
Children's picture book author Hannah Carmona read her book Dazzling Travis while American Sign Language educator Seth Field interpreted the book. #ReadAloud #BooksToRead #PictureBook #ChildrensBook #KidLit #Confidence #CardinalRulePress
children's books on teaching about disabilities are featured in this postcard
Books on Teaching About Disabilities
The books listed, below, share how disabilities can create some kind of obstacle, but that there is always a way to overcome them. Keep reading to learn more about these books and add them to your bookshelves! #BooksToRead #PictureBook #ChildrensBook #KidLit #Disability #Diversity #Inclusion #CardinalRulePress
a book sale sign with snowflakes and the words 7 ways to best your book sales this holiday season
7 Ways to Boost Your Book Sales This Holiday Season
‘Tis officially the middle of December, which means the holiday season, and all of its accompanying joys and stressors, are in full swing. Mid-December is a time when decorations adorn the neighbors’ front yards, phone calls with family members last just a little bit longer than usual, and shoppers scour aisle after aisle in search of that perfect gift. #BookSales #HolidaySeason #Marketing #MarketingTips #Publishing #PublishingTips #CardinalRulePress