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a girl holding up a paper heart with the words 30 best valentine's day crafts for kids so they can spread all the love
Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids
Wonderful craft ideas for you and your kids to enjoy for Valentine's! Spread love and joy with these cute and fun DIY ideas, including Love Bugs, Valentines cakes and Suncatchers. #ValentinesDay #ValentiensCrafts #KidsCrafts #DIY
the book character crafts for kids that are great to use with children's books
Book Character Crafts for Kids
Crafts for kids based off of classic children's book characters including the Rainbow Fish, Harry Potter, or the Cat in the Hat. #BookCharacters #KidsCrafts #ChildrensBooks
children's books and crafts with corresponding activities to help them learn about the environment
Children's Book Activities for Kids
Over 20 ideas for activities based off of children's books. For parties, classrooms, and more! #ChildrensBooks #BookActivities #DIY #BookCrafts
valentine's day bookmarks with paper hearts and flowers on them, including an open book
Valentine's Bookmark Crafts
Valentine's Day is coming up! Looking for a quick and cute craft for loved one who loves to read: origami heart bookmarks! Read more to find out how to make your own! #ValentinesDay #Reader #Books #Bookmarks
the holidays around the world with pictures of children's books and crafts on it
Fun with Holidays Around the World
I love holidays! And I love teaching about holidays in my classroom. Whether a major holiday like Christmas or a less celebrated holiday like Labor Day or Veteran’s Day, I love teaching my students about the history and cultures behind the holidays. The winter holidays are no exception! There are so many different holiday celebrations during the winter months, each giving us a glimpse into the history and culture of different countries. #WinterHolidays #Holidays #Crafts #Activities #Teaching
two people exchanging gifts with the words 5 ways your child can gift others this holiday season
We’re now over halfway through December, and the distant ringing of jingle bells is drawing closer every day (can you hear it?). By now, you’ve probably started collecting presents for family members and friends, and your closet is bursting with hidden treasures in festive wrap. Need to keep track of who you bought for and who you need to buy for? Download our FREE Holiday Gift Planner! #Holidays #GiftGuide #GiftPlanner #Gift #Crafts
the words 30 activities based on books are shown in this collage with images of toys and
Preschool Books and Activities
Children can explore books through their senses and with a hands-on approach while learning and making memories. These preschool books and the activities that we’ve come up with…are popular children’s books that are fun to read, and fun to play along with! These are book extension activities that we’ve read and come up with book-based sensory play ideas, regulation ideas, fine motor activities, crafts, and more. #Activities #Crafts #PictureBook #ChildrensBook #KidLit
an open book with the title help your kids write and print their own book on it
Bookbildr Review – The Easy Way to Print Your Own Book
Writing books has been a fun way for my kids to learn about language arts and everything that goes along with writing. Spelling, grammar, plot, character development, setting – the list goes on and on! #Writing #Activities #PictureBook #ChildrensBook
a paper turkey that has been made to look like it is reading the thanksgiving book
Turkey Teaching Ideas
I love turkey crafts. Okay, I LOVE all crafts. Crafts are great for fine motor skills, listening and speaking skills, and they provide a keepsake for parents. #Activities #Crafts #Gratitude #Thanksgiving #Thankful
some crafts for kids that are made out of paper
These gratitude crafts and activities are the perfect way to open up a conversation about showing gratitude and being thankful with kids. #Activities #Crafts #Gratitude #Thankful
a color of his own chamelon watercolor project with free printables
A Color of His Own: Chameleon Watercolor Project
We love connecting projects to books, and we're always inspired by the amazing group of bloggers who participate in the Virtual Book Club for Kids (you can also check the club out on Facebook) as the group comes up with some great extension activities each month. This month's author was Leo Lionni. We chose to read and do a project using a book we've really been enjoying lately, A Color of His Own. #Activities #Crafts #WaterColor #PictureBook #ChildrensBook #KidLit #AColorOfHisOwn
books about fall and autumn with text overlay that reads 10 books inspired by crafts & activities
10 Book-inspired Fall Crafts and Activities
Last Fall we featured several Lois Ehlert books as part of Virtual Book Club for Kids. I loved these four books displayed above because they inspired so many amazing Fall activities! #Activities #Crafts #Fall #Autumn #PictureBook #ChildrensBook #KidLit
some crafts and activities for children to make
6 Eric Carle Books & Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Today I am sharing 20+ of my favorite crafts and activities to go along with SIX of our favorite Eric Carle books. These six books below are 'must haves' in our home library but we are hoping to buy a few new ones to celebrate his birthday too. #Crafts #Activities #EricCarle #KidLit #PictureBook
coffee filter bat craft with text overlay that says coffee filter bat craft on it
Coffee Filter Bat Craft
Hi there! Today I’m going to show you this super cute Coffee Filter Bat Craft that’s great for Halloween decorating or even a theme unit about bats. Here’s what you’ll need: #Crafts #Activity #Halloween #CoffeeFilterCraft
spider web sun catcher made out of stained glass with the words spider web on it
Spider Web Suncatcher Craft for Kids
1. Grab a sheet of black construction paper and fold it down to create a triangle, cut off the extra flap. 2. Fold it again and then again. 3. Fold it again cut of the extra flap. 4. Start cutting the web along the fold. Cut a cut at the top and continue cutting down curving the cut to create the spider web shape. #Crafts #Activity #Halloween