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ArtStation - Male Base Mesh - Retopology Pass 2 Fictional Characters, Art, 3d Character, Character Art, Character Base, Character, Base, Superhero, Concept
ArtStation - Male Base Mesh - Retopology Pass 2
ArtStation - Male Base Mesh - Retopology Pass 2
two different views of a woman's body in red and black wire meshwork
Форум [Форум Invision Power Board]
Форум [Форум Invision Power Board]
an image of a foot with red and black lines
How do i connect two meshes together without ruining the topology
an image of two hands that are green
a man is standing with his arms outstretched
the human retropoly approach is shown in blue and black plaid pants with text that reads, human retropoly approach - log focus
Retopology Approach - Leg Focus-, Elena Pellegrini
an image of a man's torso with lines on the chest and back side
the back view of a man's body, with lines on his chest and arms
an image of a face made out of different colors and shapes on a gray background
Human retopology (advice welcome)
an image of some kind of futuristic object that is in the process of being rendered
Topology Female Character
Body, head, arm and leg topology of my rigged Cinema 4D character. Animation ready! Royalty free! available at:
an image of two heads that are next to each other with lines on the faces
Baby Block-out,, Anatomy For Sculptors
the different types of eyes are shown in black and white, including one with blue irises
Epicanthus is a vertical fold
Female Character Design, Character Design References, Cyborg Girl