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a bed with white sheets and pillows in a bedroom next to a painting on the wall
Know Your Neutrals: 15 Designer-Approved Paint Colors For Cozy, Calming Rooms
While maximalism, saturated color palettes, and bright and cheery décor have kept many of us energized and inspired during the past year and a half, there’s an undeniable elegance to be found in choosing the perfect neutral paint colors for your space.To help you navigate the wide (and sometimes intimidating) world of neutral paint colors, we tapped several trusted interior designers to share their expert advice.
an outdoor patio with chairs and umbrellas next to a pool
Interior Designers Share the Summer Décor They’d Buy From Target, West Elm, CB2, and More
Between their antique shop connections and high-end favorites, not even in-demand interior designers can resist the budget-friendly allure of some of our favorite affordable home décor brands. To help you narrow down the best affordable finds (the sites are home décor gold, but they can be overwhelming), we tapped four designers to share their favorites—because the key to ensuring your thriftier choices look luxe can sometimes require a carefully honed eye.
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and basket under the vanity area in front of it
Expert Advice: Interior Designers Share Their Biggest Pet Peeves
Creativity and aesthetic expression are deeply personal, but knowing how to avoid these crimes against design can steer your style in the right direction. To get a better sense of the choices that send interior designers running, I polled a variety of talents for their biggest pet peeves. Including the 10 biggest interior designer no-nos!
a person holding up a book on top of a wooden table
10 Interior Design Books We Turn to for Home Inspiration
As Camille herself confirms, she has an out-of-control cookbook collection. But alongside these well-loved, dog-eared titles, Camille has shelves dedicated to design books that she regularly pulls from for inspiration. And don’t get me wrong—her love of Pinterest is well-documented. But truly, is there anything better than brewing a cup of tea and sitting down with the best interior design books? Answer: definitely not.
a stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen next to wooden cabinets and counter tops
Calling All Design Lovers: These Are the Best Interior Design TikTok Accounts To Follow Now
I don’t claim to be a TikTok expert, but there’s one thing I know for sure: TikTok is only as good as your #fyp. The platform is powered by a shockingly good algorithm that quickly discovers all your niche interests and serves content tailor-made for you. But it takes work to create a well-curated feed. To save you from the void, we’ve rounded up the best interior design TikTok accounts to follow. Check out these 19 creators!
As Summer turns to Fall, capture the beauty of summer in your home with this simple refresh. Happiness, Home Interior Design, Bright White, Yellow Interior
Give Your Home a Happiness Boost With These 5 Summer Paint Trends
When you see a wall doused in Moroccan blue or a cashmere sweater in sunset gold, don’t you feel your eyes widen? I swear, I hold my breath every time I experience hot pink. I’m setting out to apply these mood-boosting findings immediately, so I sought the expertise of top interior designers and polled them for their favorite, on-trend picks. Because our homes have such an impact on our wellbeing.
Refreshing your home for Spring and Summer! Modern Homes, Gift Wrapping, Mid Century House, Mid Century Modern House, Coastal Mid Century Modern, Coastal Interiors
7 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home, According to Designers
No matter how much you love your home, refreshing your space with the seasons is invigorating. Since we’re constantly evolving, it makes sense that our styles, preferences, and interests shift and change with time. If you take a look around your home and notice some spots that could use an overhaul—spring might be the perfect time to change things up. Especially if a shift could bring more peace and calm to your life.
Get ready to tour my Mediterranean-style home in Austin, Texas! It is a refreshed space that has undergone lots of projects. Watch my video to experience the entire house! New Kitchen, Mediterranean Style Home, Spanish Interior Design, Mediterranean Style, Modern Spanish Interior Design
Camille’s Full Home Tour is Here—Come On In!
Come check out my Mediterranean-style home in Austin, Texas! I couldn’t be more excited to share the official Camille Styles Home Tour. Click for everything you’ve ever wondered about my home in Austin, but first: watch the video below so I can show you around my refreshed home.
woman sitting on yellow bedding.
Give Your Home a Happiness Boost With These 5 Summer Paint Trends
There’s no better way to appreciate bold and bright colors than with the best summer paint trends 2022 has to offer.
camille styles with outdoor table Outdoor, Art, Indoor, Fotos, Nature Inspiration, Haus
Interior Designers Share the Summer Décor
To help you narrow down the best affordable finds (the sites are home décor gold, but they can be overwhelming), we tapped four designers to share their favorites
vase on table Daily, Life, Inspired, Meet
Here Are The 10 Best Places to Find Vases Online
If you’re wondering where to buy vases online, we’ve done some major perusing to help you in your search for the perfect vessel. Ahead, discover our picks for stunning vases to match your beautiful blooms.
casa zuma materials
We’re Using These 5 to Turn Our Beach House Into a Cocoon of Coziness
Today we’re diving into one of my favorite design topics: how to choose the right mix of materials to use throughout a home.
bathroom Bathroom Lighting, Dressing Table, Bathroom Storage, Bathroom Storage Solutions, Bathroom Medicine Cabinet, Double Sink Bathroom, Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel, Bathroom Vanity
How I’m Designing Our Beach House Bathroom to Be (Basically) A Spa
Here’s how I’m incorporating the impeccable design and efficiency of Duravit products to bring my vision to life.
wicker chairs Diy, Modern, Room, Deco
7 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home This Spring
Take it from the pros—this season is prime time for makeovers, deep cleans, and organization sprees.
living room area minimalist Simple, Simple Way, Tips, Beautiful Interiors, Calm, Expert
7 Simple Ways to Make a Calm and Relaxing Home
Read on for expert tips and expertise on creating a relaxed and happy home.