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a person is writing letters on paper with a black pen in their hand while another person sits at the table behind them
name writing practice - for each letter in a child's name
a little boy sitting on the floor with some signs in front of him that spell out letters
Clothespin Capital & Lowercase Matching Activity
Mayúsculas y minúsculas
the numbers 1 to 10 with hands on them
Sinds 2002 een inspiratiebron met lesmaterialen, spellen, knutsels en gratis downloads voor leerkrachten, ouders en kinderen
Juf Sanne Lesidee: startset, cijfermuur, woordkaarten, stempelkaarten, werkbladen, lessen rond het thema cijfers, idee, ruimtelijk, werkbladen
a bulletin board in a classroom with many different items on the front and back wall
Classroom Photos
Kindergarten reference board. I think this could work in a Pre-K classroom. :)
four cards with the letters abc and c in front of them, including a rainbow
Rainbow Alphabet Puzzles--Could use for anything. Other ideas...felt board, games, magnetic games...
two pictures of children making different shapes and numbers on paper with colored circles around them
Tot School
Dot over letters
a little boy sitting on the floor playing with numbers
Looking forward to all the outdoor June activities!
Dot markers and math! How fun!
a children's book about henry dippo hops on his bed and how high can henry hop before he gets hurt?
N~ Things » Letter of the Week
Letter hunt