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various colored rocks and crystals on a white surface with a spoon in the foreground
Energy Stones to Balance & Uplift 💚💗💙
Team Sivalya is all about finding the right crystals to align and strengthen your unique energy. Check out our new apothecary to equip you with the right tools to balance and uplift your chakras 😍 #sivalya #chakras #energy #apothecary #crystals #crystaltherapy #crystalhealing
Crystal Girl Aesthetic, Crystal Alter, Crystal Girl, Hippie Aesthetic, Downtown Girl
pretty crystals
Crystals Aesthetic, Cool Rocks
some rocks and stones sitting on top of a table next to two books with candles in the background
Seni Vintage, Room Deco, Dreamy Room
a person holding a wooden bowl filled with different colored rocks and stones on top of each other
Ece Core, Magic Crystals