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an old rusted wooden surface with a metal handle
100 gallon Silent Hunter build (lots of pics)
a pair of scissors and a measuring tape on the ground
Barbecue Tools for Sale - eBay
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a close up of a metal door handle on a car's front bumper plate
Decorative Welding Projects - Top 10 Welding Mistakes To Avoid
Brand new laser cut hinge sets. You are buying one set of hinges. Each hinge has 5 pieces: 3 metal plates, one bolt and one all metal locking nut. Most people use 1 set of hinges per cook chamber door and 1 set of hinges for the firebox door. Hinges are raw mild steel and are weld ready edges. These are perfect for your custom smoker or bbq project. This style of hinge allows the door to open up and away from the smoker or bbq so that your door seal doesn't rub. These are stout hinges. Ea...
a metal sculpture sitting on top of a cement floor next to two bowls and a chair
Atelier Brand!
an outdoor wood burning stove with logs stacked on the ground next to it and some bushes in the background
balck meal freestanding fireplace outdoor
an outdoor fire pit in the middle of a yard with grass and trees behind it
HEAT Outdoor living La Luz
Our most popular item in the range is this beautiful terrace fireplace La Luz. Listen to the crackling fire and enjoy the beautiful flames that this garden fireplace presents to you. This fireplace is available in 3 different heights: 130, 140 and 160 cm. It is made from black powder-coated steel and has a timeless design.
a fire burning inside of a black stove top oven
a fireplace in a room with tile flooring