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Frases de la serie The End of the F***ing World - Frase: N°14
a woman sitting in the back of a car on top of a body of water
Madonna while filming her #ThisUsedToBeMyPlayground video (1992) #ALeagueOfTheirOwn”
Blur Rock Bands, People, Films, Britpop, Blur Picture, Blur Photo, Blur Band, 90s, Film
a black and white photo of a man holding a microphone to his mouth while singing
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Ian Curtis, Joy Division
two young men sitting on a ledge looking at each other
Ian Curtis & Bernard Sumner - Joy Division
Morrissey Tours, Charming Man, People Smoking, Johnny Marr, Martin Gore, The Smiths Morrissey, A Good Man, Morrissey
Music Style: Morrissey
four different pictures of people walking on the beach and in the sand with mountains behind them
Four Parisian Boys With Brotherly Love
Deck D'Arcy
a man holding a microphone up to his mouth
Phoenix kommer til Slottsfjell 2014! Les mer på #Phoenix #Slottsfjell
the band phoenix are sitting on a bench
Read | Wonderful Machine
Chris Sembrot photographs the band #Phoenix
multiple images of a man's face with red lines painted on the upper half of his face
D.Bowie #'80 #icons #music
four different pictures of the same woman in black and white, one with blonde hair
Debbie Harry, onstage with Blondie at Dingwalls Dancehall, London, photos by Roger Morton 1978
four people standing in front of a building
The Smiths