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an image of different types of blood vessels and their functions in the human body, with text below
White blood cells: Description, Classification and Formation | Medical Laboratories
ranulocytes. Granules are evident in each cell. C-F are basophils, G-J are neutrophils, and K-N are eosinophils. E, I, and M are band forms. F, J, and N are segmented forms.
the structure of an animal's stomach
06.Week 9 - Histology of the Growth of Bones
Histology of bone growth
an image of urinary cast morphology
Urinary cast morphology
Medical Laboratory and Biomedical Science: Urinary cast morphology
an eyeball with the letter o in it is shown above another image that appears to be red
Ascaris/ ojo de Sauron :) Love Pathology!
a book with the title free ebook atlas of clinic hematology
Atlas of Clinical Hematology - Free eBook
Atlas of Clinical Hematology - Free eBook
a cat standing on top of a table next to a microscope
I hope that it is not toxoplasma
I hope that it is not toxoplasma
an animal's cell is shown in purple and white colors, as well as the cells
Shotgun Histology Thymus
an image of the inside of a cell
Pancreatic histology Acinar cells produce pancreatic juice and make up the bulk of the pancreas. Acinar cells cluster around tiny tubes that merge to form larger ones, giving rise to the pancreatic duct. The pancreatic and bile ducts join and empty into the small intestine, which is surrounded by the hepatopancreatic sphincter.
the diagram shows how plasmas can be used to study different types of structures in an area
Plasma proteins
Plasma proteins- Chemistry, functions and clinical significance
▶ Cells of the Immune System - YouTube Physiology Study, Data Boards, Study Nursing, Nursing Knowledge, Np School, General Biology, Immune Cells
Cells of the Immune System
▶ Cells of the Immune System - YouTube
an animal cell is shown with blue and white dots on it's stomachs
CLASSIC PICTURE for May-Hegglin = giant platelet and neutrophil with dohle-like body!!
an image of some pink and purple cells
UIP (Usual interstitial pneumonia) by Pulmonary Pathology, via Flickr
an image of some blue and pink cells on a white paper with words below it
Normal Pap Smear
Normal Pap Smear