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a girl standing in front of a giant pair of scissors with two aliens on it
an old woman cooking in the kitchen with two small teddy bears on the table behind her
Caption This - 20 January - The Minds Journal
two hands reaching out towards each other with a ring on their finger and a pink heart in the background
Caption This - 23 May - The Minds Journal
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a comic strip with an image of a man in front of a car and the caption
two men are facing each other and one is pointing at another man with an arrow in his mouth
two birds are perched on the edge of a bridge and one bird is hanging upside down
Caption This - 1 March - The Minds Journal
an image of a cartoon character reading a book with light coming from his head and arms
Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks - 31 March 2021
a cartoon depicting a man climbing up the side of a mountain
"Growth " Photographic Print for Sale by Mr7Williams