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there are many cards on the table with pictures and hearts in them, including one for valentine's day
Victorian vintage Valentine hearts crafts and ornaments
The puzzle purse was all the rage during the Victorian era. Puzzle purses are origami style envelope-like packets which unfold revealing either a romantic poem, love message or even trinkets or a lock of a sweetheart’s hair. Valentine puzzle purses would often have the squares numbered, to be read in order as each leaf is opened, with a final message or picture in the center. They represent a sweet little metaphor: Open your heart to love.
an origami folded in red and white paper with the letter e on it
manualidad linda!🤍 créditos a la personita del vídeo ^^
cross stitch keychains with pictures of dogs and cats on them, one is green and the other is brown
two cross stitch key chains, one with a dog's face and the other has an apple in its mouth
the instructions for how to make an origami flower with paper and scissors in chinese
Необычные прорезные снежинки (трафик)
four different types of beaded bracelets with beads on them, all in different colors