Paulo Dybala

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a young man kicking a soccer ball on top of a field with people in the background
Paulo Dybala
a young man is holding his hand out to the side while wearing a red and yellow uniform
the soccer player is excited about his goal
a soccer player with his finger in the air
a soccer player is pointing at the ball
a young man wearing a maroon and yellow uniform
a soccer player is holding his arm out and looking at the ball in front of him
a young man in a maroon shirt is smiling at the camera with his head tilted to the side
Paulo Dybala
a soccer player raising his fist up in the air on a field with people watching
Paulo Dybala
a young man in red jersey holding his hand to his mouth
Paulo Dybala
a man with tattoos on his arm and arms spread out in the air, while wearing a red shirt
Paulo Dybala gol con la Roma
a young man wearing a red shirt and holding a medal around his neck looking up at the sky
a soccer player is standing on the field