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an image of two mice in a box full of plants and dirt with the words dig box above it
a cage filled with lots of different types of birds and hamsters in it
a display case with various types of wood and other things in it's shelves
a hamster is playing with some food in a plastic container on the floor next to a table
Ratties diving pool with peas, rat activity, things to do with rats
a cage filled with lots of plants and birds in it's cages, next to a ladder
The girls new naturalistic cage, I'm trying Coco fiber soil and they love it
a large wooden bird cage sitting on top of a sidewalk
Custom Chinchilla Cages
a large bird cage sitting on top of a wooden stand
Chinchilla Mansion
a large caged animal in the corner of a room
the shelves are made out of plywood and have no doors or drawers on them
Je voudrais fabriquer une cage moins bruyante ...
a cat sitting on top of a shelf in a closet
Love the different areas & toys in this cage, but think there could be more hopping ledges, branches etc to use the space, especially at the top