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an old stone building with ivy growing on it's sides and stairs leading up to the door
dark academia <3
many white and orange flowers with green stems
several orange and white koi fish swimming in the water
a statue is surrounded by green leaves
an angel statue covered in ivy next to a grave
Con aroma a libro
Jardines, diseño, paisajismo, arquitectura, historia, arte, Italianos, Italia, Europa, Inglaterra, Francia, Naturaleza, verde, flores, casa, decoración, ideas, inspiración, remodelación, estilo, antiguo, vintage, clasico, renacimiento, edad media, arboles, recorte, jardinería
a white water lily floating on top of green leaves
[non-paywalled issue] The Rabbit Hole 🕳🐇 issue no.34
two swans swimming in the middle of a lake surrounded by green trees and bushes on either side
The Long Road Home: Photo
two white swans swimming on top of a lake
an arched window with vines growing around it