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the icons are drawn in black and white to make it look like they have different shapes
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{ #tiny #small #minimalist #space #outerspace #planet #alien #robot #star #wars #tattoo #tattoos #design }
a drawing of a person wearing a tie dye shirt
Outta This World by spacira on tumblr #art #alien #trippy
Paint Me Silver. Art Drawings, Art, Doodle Art, Graffiti, Art Drawings Simple, Graffiti Art, Art Drawings Sketches, Art Tattoo, Art Sketches
Paint Me Silver.
Paint Me Silver.
an alien crossing sign in the middle of a road with aliens flying over it and cars passing by
Comics | DC
SAUCER COUNTRY #6 - In this special stand-alone issue, discover the history of the UFO myth in all its brilliant, contradictory, terrifying detail. Real-life stories, extraordinary theories and some horrifying conclusions abound. Meanwhile, Arcadia’s team is in place to kick off her presidential campaign, but her enemies are circling too…
an alien cat with pink hair and black eyes
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Abyssal Princess by David A.F. Creepiest thing. O.O
an alien woman holding a man's head in front of a black and white painting
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Alien Mona Lisa. I had a goal of pinning a reinterpretation of Mona Lisa to every one of my boards. I have since put them all together.
an old book with different types of flying saucers
The National Sky Home Guard identification chart for extraterrestrial craft. Know your invaders!
a drawing of a woman with purple hair and blue skin, wearing a black shirt
alien head concept 2_The-Brade by Nikolaspascal on DeviantArt
alien head concept 2_The-Brade by Zarnala on DeviantArt
a drawing of a woman with pink hair next to an astronaut and text that reads, will you miss me baby? i need more space
#psychedelic #alien #art @alien8us www.alien8.us More
a tattoo that says i want to leave on someone's arm with an alien flying over it
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alien, tattoo, and grunge image
an alien is in front of a tv with the caption i want to believe
* Psycho * …
"You...Look...Alien Dahling!", pop art, collage art. Croquis, Photomontage, Fotografie, Fotos, Pinterest, Collages, Sanat
Louxo's Enjoyables
"You...Look...Alien Dahling!", pop art, collage art.
an image of a black and white drawing with words on it that says, i will literally pay you to about me
I'm not sure aliens would accept human currency, but it's a nice thought.
wear simple all black and then wow 'em with a glitter head...
Moving Paintings Will Bend Your Mind, Especially When You Learn How They're Made
wear simple all black and then wow 'em with a glitter head...