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the sun and moon are depicted in this cross stitch pattern
Stitch Fiddle
a cross stitch pattern with letters and numbers
Tips & Tricks | Scheepjes CAL 2017 - Hygge | Scheepjes CALs | CALs & MALs
a cross stitch pattern with an eye in the center and blue beads around it on a table
���� #6 - oberegi - lenagrec
an eye is shown in the middle of a cross stitch pattern, and it appears to be blue
Alpha pattern #13212
a black and white yin - yang symbol made out of small pixels, with two hearts in the middle
Yin Yang - Cross-Stitch Designs
a cross stitch pattern with daisies in the shape of a heart
12 PATRONES PUNTO DE CRUZ "Margaritas" - Amamos las Margaritas (Día 5)