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How to learn Spanish? Immerse yourself in Spanish culture and language! Check out Babbel’s collection of Spanish quotes, Spanish vocabulary lists and Spanish grammar rules to take advantage of microlearning! For more, visit: https://www.babbel.com/en/magazine/tags/spanish
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the mexican vacation chat sheet for spanish phrases to know
Mexican Vacation Cheat Sheet: Spanish Phrases To Know
Make the most of your upcoming Mexican vacation by focusing on these Spanish conversation topics ahead of your flight abroad 😎 Visit the Babbel Magazine to check out their correct pronunciation 🔗
people sitting on the floor drinking coffee and laughing with text overlay that reads 10 spanish sing expressions every local uses
The 10 Best Slang Expressions In Spanish
Knowing a few choice Spanish slang expressions will do more to improve your command of the language than knowing a million words. 👉 Learn 10 of them on the Babbel Magazine!
4 places to visit to study Spanish in 2023
And for more tips on how to learn Spanish, visit Babbel Magazine!
How to say popcorn in Spanish?
And you thought "popcorn" is a universal word... Well, not in Latin America! 😄
Expressing Resolutions in Spanish
Here are 4 ways to express new year's resolutions in Spanish!
a poster with the words most common verbs in spanish and english on it's side
The 20 Most Common Spanish Verbs (And How To Use Them)
Want to know the most important verbs in Spanish, how to conjugate them and how to use them in a sentence? Check out our handy guide. #LearnSpanish #LearnLanguages #Languagelearning #Spanish
Learn the basic salsa step in Spanish
Un, dos, tres... who's next on the dancefloor? 💃
Spanish expressions that kind of make sense
If Spanish was a Tech Company
The subjunctive in Spanish. It’s a mood.
Movie Titles in Spanish
There seem to be several strategies when translating the name of a film into another language, and none of them work perfectly. You can go for a literal word-for-word translation, try to describe the film in the title, guess what the name might be based on the poster, or make up something completely new. Find out which (hilarious) decisions Spanish translators have taken 😂
an advertisement for mexican food and drinks
13 Steps To Mexicanize Yourself
Do you wish you possessed more south-of-the-border flavor, flair and passion? Forget the stereotypes and check out this light-hearted look at what it takes to “Mexicanize” yourself. #languagelearning #languages #spanish
a woman with her hands up in front of a red background that says, the verb to be in spanish
Lesson 5: The Verb "To Be" In Spanish | Babbel Snaps
The verbs ser and estar: Two different verbs for “to be”. Although it might be considered one of the toughest topics to learn in Spanish, you’ll see that es más fácil (it’s easier) than you thought. Have a look at the video and take one step closer to mastering it! Can you already identify a difference in the following sentences?
Conjugations of regular -ar, -er and -ir verbs in Spanish Conjugation Chart, Spanish Courses
Spanish Grammar
Verb conjugations chart to learn Spanish
Spanish grammar — gender and number marking on nouns, adjectives and definite articles Adjectives Chart, Nouns And Adjectives
Spanish Grammar
Nouns and adjectives chart to learn Spanish grammar